There are three assignments and one course project.

Assignment 1: User-level Threads. Due date: Thu, 16-Oct-2014, before class.

Assignment 2: Parallel Programming. Due date: Thu, 30-Oct-2014, before class.

Assignment 3: SAS synchronization. Due date: Thu, 13-Nov-2014, before class.


Students should propose their own projects and should discuss their ideas with the instructor. Two student-teams are encouraged. A wide range of topics is acceptable (parallel programming, performance analysis, simulation, etc.). Each project will consist of three steps: a project proposal, the project work, and the project presentation.

  • Project proposal: Due date: Thu, 20-Nov-2014, before (virtual) class. To propose a project send mail to b i l a s @ c s d . u o c . g r with the team and a short description of the project.

  • Project work: Due date: Thu, 18-Dec-2014, before class. Submit your files, report, presentation by mail to b i l a s @ c s d . u o c . g r.

  • Project presentation: Last day of classes.

Submission procedure

Submit assignments and projects by email to b i l a s @ c s d . u o c . g r. Send a gziped tar file with:

  • Sources

  • A working Makefile

  • For assignments A README file that explains anything you would like to mention (nothing fancy, text is fine) will do. For projects you should include more detailed description and analysis in a conference-like paper (in ps or pdf format).

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