CS-255 "Software Technology Laboratory"

Movement from the microscopic scale of coding to the macroscopic scale of system design. Introduction to the main phases of software production (specification of requirements, system analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, installation) and to the basic models of software development. The primary goal of this course is to show how large-scale systems can be constructed as the synthesis of many smaller independent sections which intercommunicate through a suitably defined interface so as to provide control as well as flexibility in the implementation and operation. Also covered in this course are cost and time forecasting as well as project organization for software development. Through a series of exercises a large system is designed (through all its various phases) and implemented in parallel by independent groups. 

Area(s): Core Courses 
Prerequisites: CS-150
Email: hy255@csd.uoc.gr
Web page: http://www.csd.uoc.gr/~hy255

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