• Introduction to the Databases
  • Architectures and Design
  • Entity Relationship Model
  • The Relational Model
  • Logical Design - Normalization
  • Logic and Set Theory
  • Relational Algebra
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Analysis of the creation of a relational database : Data, Entities, Matrices, Relationships and Normalization
  • Designing with MySQL WorkBench and LibreOffice Base.

Learning Goals: Databases and, especially, Relational Databases have been proven as one of the basic tools in Information Technology and have been used in a plethora of applications. This subject is meant to be an introduction to the basics of the relational databases and the rules of their design. Within this framework, the students come into contact with database management systems (e.g. mySQL) and inspect their operation by solving problems (lab exercises) under supervision. Students that successfully complete the subject, have gained knowledge of the database design principles theoretically and practically as well.

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