Welcome to English for Chemistry  (For International Students),

I am Kallia your course leader and I will be reading your comments and coursework.

This course is designed to meet the needs of international undergraduate chemistry students. It is divided in ten sessions each of which with a distinct chemical content; alkanes, acids and bases, proteins, to name but a few. You will be familiarised with basic chemistry terminology and you will have the chance to practice your english so as to communicate effectively in Chemistry-related settings either orally or in writing.

Regarding Academic wriitng, It is highly advisable to combine this course with the Academic English one also available in this platform so as to maximise your performance.

There are plenty of reading texts with targeted vocabulary tasks and numerous opportunities for writing and listening practice.

I believe this course has unlimited dividends but it is only with your support and contribution that it can make a profound and lasting contribution to chemistry communities around the world.

I hope you enjoy English for Chemistry at UOC!

kind regards,

Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts
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