Keli Daskala was born in 1975. In her thesis (The literary production of 1940’s Generation and the return to lyrical prose, University of Crete 2007) she examined the genre of lyrical prose in the 20th century, focusing, firstly, on the literary production of Greek lyrical writers during the German Occupation, and identifying, secondly, the intertextual relationships with French symbolism and the so-called ‘Northern Literatures’. Her research interests include, in addition, the interdisciplinary study of the metaphors of disease, in particular of leprosy, in literature and everyday life. Her essay was published as Appendix in the volume: Galatea Kazantzakis, I arrosti politeia (Sick city), Ellinika Grammata, Athens 2010. At the present time, her research activity is focused in the writing of a new book about the myth of first love, where she combines literature with other forms of art (painting, music, cinema, comics etc.) and with different forms of discourses (women’s magazines, diaries) in order to analyze and bring to light how the romantic myth of the unique and exceptional first love is formed and how it is redefined by History, aesthetic movements, ideology and morality of every day life during the two last centuries. Finally, the last two years, she coordinates workshops in creative writing for adults and children.

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